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The Art of a Stylist!

February 8, 2021


Have you  ever wondered how models and actresses/actors look so perfect in magazine ads, commercials or walking down the runway?

Wardrobe stylists like myself  have a significant role in making a successful campaign come together.  I work in various capacities on editorial shoots, films, commercial ad campaigns, fashion shows and all sorts of personal styling jobs.  I help to facilitate the relationship between the model and the photographer.

It requires passion for the industry  and a keen eye for every single detail . You must also have the ability to dress every body type & have  the understanding of many different genres, historical periods and cultures.


Other Duties Include:

~ Finding & Purchasing the outfits

~Knowing the inventory on hand

~Providing expert fashion advice

~Choosing and coordinating the looks/outfits/props/accessories

~Managing the inventory

~Returning the borrowed inventory

~Dressing the Actors/Actresses/models

~Maintaining excellent relationships with designers and stores



If your thinking of starting a career in Fashion and styling then contact Christie Maruka today.

Schedule a one hour session with Christie and find out if this career is right for you.

$125 Consultation fee

Please send a message on our contact page  or email :fashionfix1@aol.com and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible.


Thank You,

Stay Safe & Stay Glam!

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