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Shopping During a Pandemic.

November 3, 2020


The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated the shift towards a more digital world. More than ever shoppers have resorted to buying fashion strictly online. With so many stores going out of business and boutiques forced to close there is just no other choice. Stores are quite aggressive with discounts and online promotions and offering free shipping, so its not that difficult to score a bargain, while staying safe at home.  However inventory & shipping  can be affected during a pandemic and so my best advice is to start early for online holiday shopping.

According to a recent survey by First Insight, only 33% of U.S customers feel safe shopping in a mall. Even more than that( 65%) feel unsafe trying clothes on in dressing rooms. As many stores continue to operate at reduced capacity, handing out masks and enforcing social distancing, shopping in brick and mortar stores can be done safely.

So far, evidence suggests that it’s harder to catch the virus from a soft surface like clothing, than it is from a frequently touched hard surface like door handles or elevator buttons. Even so  I always proceed with caution. Many stores have every other dressing room closed to keep customers 6 ft apart. Some stores have disinfecting stations being used after people try on clothing, items are put there for 24 hours before going back on the sales floor. I wear disposable gloves when selecting items, and toss them as soon as I’m done. Studies suggest not trying anything on like a turtleneck or something  that has to be close to your face and neck like scarves or sunglasses.

The CDC recommends always wearing a cloth face mask to slow the spread and washing your hands frequently. Another suggestion is to bring sanitizing wipes and use them before opening drawers, touching knobs or doors to fitting rooms.

You should always consult with the CDC’s current Covid-19 guidelines as well as any local rules and procedures , before heading out. There are definitely a number of precautions you can make as a regular part of your shopping routine to help minimize risk of both transmission and infection of the coronavirus .

If you would like to schedule a holiday shopping appointment please email us at: fashionfix1@aol.com  for further details .


Have a Happy & Safe Holiday Season!




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