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Favorite Pot-Luck Holiday Food!

November 5, 2019



My Chicken Parmigiana is proof that Comfort food doesn’t necessarily have to be bad for you! You can serve it with a side of your favorite pasta to keep it classic, or opt for sauteed veggies or a green salad for an even lighter version. The way that I love to cook my chicken parm is healthy and low in fat. You don’t need to fry the chicken in olive oil or any other cooking oil for that matter. I use Pam Organic cooking spray and you will never be able to tell the difference that I didnt use oil.  The Secret to my delicious Chicken Parmigiana is the long simmering process that makes my chicken tender and oh so tasty! Friends and Family beg me to make this for parties around the Holidays.

For the complete ingredient list and directions send me a message and I will email you a copy of this delicious recipe.

What’s your Go-To dish for the Holidays?        Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share?


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