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You Can Be The Hardest Worker In The Room!

October 28, 2019

Last week I did an interview about entrepreneurship & everyone attending was a successful entrepreneur. We were given one question each to answer.

My question was “What one life skill has helped me in becoming a successful entrepreneur”?

My answer was “Being the Hardest Worker in the Room”

What does this mean? I started in the fashion/retail industry when I was just 15 years old. Starting a new job when your that age can be scary and intimidating. I didn’t know much about anything but I knew in order to shine and make a good impression with my boss,  I not only had to work hard but I had to be the HARDEST worker in the room. I have carried this life skill with me every day, and on every job I’ve ever been hired for.

Being the hardest worker in the room also means that whether I show up for a job, offer to do something for a friend, no matter what room I find myself in, or who I may be sitting next to, my work ethic will be matchless. This life skill has garnered me with the best results for becoming a successful entrepreneur and business owner.   While I may have fallen down or made a few mistakes along the way, it has taught me that I will always get back up and become stronger & wiser for the next time.

Being the hardest worker in the room matters to someone on the field, in the classroom, with personal relationships or on the job. Hard work is essential for a successful life. Consistency in your work ethic is an important ingredient in the recipe of life skills, and I pride myself in being the hardest/most consistent worker in the room.


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