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My Interview with Designer Nadine Merabi

October 17, 2019

I had the pleasure of catching up with British/Lebanese fashion designer Nadine Merabi. If you havent heard of her, your missing out on this great designer and entrepreneur. I discovered her designer dresses on Instagram and couldn’t stop myself from staring at her gorgeous designs.

Nadine taught herself to sew and design through videos online and I find this simply amazing. She originally started her own fashion label and was later appointed creative director at a fashion company. Four seasons later due to a high demand for her designs, she launched the Merabi brand.

Her signature pieces are timeless & with intricate detailing, beautifully fitted ,with unsurpassed craftmanship and on top of that ,very comfortable. You just cant imagine how someone can be self taught with this level of excellence. Very impressive to say the least.

The Merabi collection has been worn on the red carpet has caught the attention of many celebrities. In 2016 she was included in the Northern Power Women Top 50 Future List.

1) I have read that you have no formal or extensive training in fashion design. Have you had any training in sewing, pattern making or internships at any fashion houses prior to starting your line?

I have had no professional training in sewing, pattern cutting nor have I undertaken any internships. I am completely self taught and have learnt through my experience in the industry along with learning from other professionals that I have met along the way.

2) There’s so much pressure for designers to come out with their greatest collection season after season. What advice would you give young designers just starting out & hoping to make it in the fashion industry?

Fashion design is a difficult industry to get into, it takes a lot of late nights and hard work but just stay confident in your own designs and abilities. Don’t let anyone tell you that something isn’t possible. One of my favorite sayings is ” the word impossible is banned!” just remember this in everything you do.

3) There are so many stunning dresses with beautiful style & detailing that I was picturing as tops also. Any plans in the future for expanding your line with a casual collection of separates: tops, skirts or jackets?

At the moment we don’t have any plans to expand into jackets. This year we launched a few 2 pieces as a skirt and top combo and we do have one slightly different piece launching with our AW19 collection that will offer something a little different to the MERABI client from what we have offered previously.

4) What has been the best form of advertising for you? Ex: social media platform, celebrities etc?

We have found that social media and word of mouth has been the best form of advertising for us. We pride ourselves on the high quality and perfect fit of all our designs. We have found that this attention to detail has allowed us to grow the brand so successfully as women across the world fall in love with our designs and want to spread the word.

Whether you’re attending a wedding, getting married, want to stand out at a party, prom or looking for a fabulous maternity dress, you have to check out the Nadine Merabi line. http://nadinemerabi.com

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