Home Gym or Fitness Sanctuary? Call it what you like.

July 6, 2018


Building an at-home gym with minimal space.

Imagine how effortless it could be to just roll out of bed and stroll into your home gym. (not to mention being able to wear pajamas, change the thermostat to whatever you want, blast your playlist, and never have to worry who will see or who will hear you grunting) While everyone may not have space for a home gym, it doesn’t hurt to share of bit of fitness inspiration. Even if you don’t have a very large space you can dedicate, there are still many ideas you can take and create your own fitness corner. If you are considering adding a home gym, then your in luck as I’ve recently made myself a bit of a workout sanctuary that I’m in LOVE with!  I transformed my sun room into a home gym.

There is no need to fill up the room with bulky equipment that you may or may not use. I’ve made the mistake of buying equipment that I thought I’d use and then never did. So first think it through carefully… then add what you think is absolutely necessary for your workouts. Some of the best things I have and use require very little space, and my idea of a  fitness room was to keep it with minimal & versatile equipment because I do alot of bodyweight exercises.

My favorites include Kettlebells which I have in 5lb,10lb and 20lb ~ perfect for swings, squats and deadlifts.. Resistance bands which you can target your entire body and mimic most machine -based strength moves. You can buy a variety pack which offers different levels of resistance. Perfect for butt and hip exercises. Dumbbells which I have racked on a wall, but if space is an issue then just buy one heavy set that you can use for squatting or lower body -work. It will be good to have one set in your arsenal for building strength. Weighted bars are fantastic for building lean muscle and so versatile for a variety of strength training exercises including yoga, pilates, flexibility routines, lunges and more. The bars are padded and the ends are capped which keeps floors from getting damaged.

Having an adjustable weight bench is a vital piece of equipment for working out as they give you an abundance of options for exercises to target all muscles..If you have the room, its a must have! Padded rubber  floor tiles that you can put down yourself and are available at Home Depot. $24.99 per pack of 6

Building a home gym may seem like a large expense to begin with but compare it to a local gym membership that can run from $35-$120 a month or higher. Think about all the perks of a home gym, like saving time, money, privacy, controlling your own environment, and the sheer convenience of always having your gym open all the time.

But my favorite part of all…… working out with my beloved dog Rosie!


~The best project you’ll ever work on is YOU!





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