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Fitness Never Stands Still!

July 6, 2018

I am a lifelong fitness enthusiast and one of my favorite things to talk about in fashion is activewear.

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about two of the biggest trends of recent years. The first one has made brands, from high street chains to luxury fashion houses, billions of revenue each year. What is it you ask? Athleisure! This term, bringing together athlete and leisure, has been embraced by the masses. It’s all about wearing comfy yet stylish workout clothes that are chic enough to wear to work, happy hour, or brunch! As of 2018, sportswear as fashion clothing is a staple with cultures around the world. And, according to Global Industry Analysts Inc., sports and fitness clothing will reach $231.7 billion worldwide by 2024.

But this trend wouldn’t have been so massive if it wasn’t for the second topic of this blog: the fitness industry. In the US, it has been booming, and there are now around 34,000 fitness centres, serving 54 million members. With one in five Americans as a member of a gym (or at least paying for it!), being a couch potato just isn’t an option in modern America. From HIIT training to aerial yoga, there are so many amazing options to suit everyone, and being healthy has totally become the new wealthy. And what do all fitness aficionados need to complement their training? Stylish workout clothes of course! So, let me walk (or should I say run) you through the biggest names out there, including my favourite fitness and leisurewear brands to keep you looking super fresh and sporty without breaking a sweat!

Lululemon – Well, of course, you know Lululemon, one of the original athleisure brands and spiritual home of the suburban yoga mom. But did you know they have a men’s range as well?

Uniqlo – Uniqlo makes all types of clothing from chinos to dresses, but there’s no denying that their sportswear offering is really impressive for the price. If there’s one thing Uniqlo places importance in, it’s creating clean, simple fashion basics, and their athletic pieces are no exception.

Adidas – Moving on to the brands I love wearing, starting with sportswear giant Adidas, who have fully embraced the athleisure spirit since launching their new product line called Adidas Athletics back in 2016. One of my favorites is the Stella McCartney line where she combines innovative materials and stunning design. And on the sneaker front, the forever sold out Yeezy collection, by none other than Kanye West, has ensured the brand’s continued appeal. Being an old fashioned kinda gal, I love their infamous Superstar sneakers, and it looks like I’m not the only one: in the last year, all brands included, sneaker sales rose by 2% to $19.6 billion in the US.

Nike – The other sports giant that’s I’ve been loving is Nike. With their sportswear collection, they’ve been successful at positioning themselves as a premium line of pre-workout gear for trendy buyers. It has gained a following since its launch 10 years ago, including celebs like Gigi Hadid. The items often have additional detailing like reflective tape, additional pockets, advanced blends of materials used, and stylish design.

So, whether you’re digging the sporty Nike look or more relaxed Lulu Lemon yoga apparel, get shopping, as the athleisure trend isn’t gonna take a rest, and neither should you!

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