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Invest In Yourself and You’ll Get the Best Return!

November 14, 2017

Investing in yourself is one of the best return on investments you can have. It’s not just changing your hair color, buying a new wardrobe or trying out new makeup, it can be  learning a new skill, finding a business coach, meeting with a financial advisor or completely changing careers. I do believe we have to give to ourselves before we can give to others.

The effort you put into investing in yourself plays a large role in determining the quality of your life now and down the road. I often hear from clients & friends that they feel  “stuck” in their current situation whether it be in a relationship, a job, finances, career  or a personal matter, and I always respond with “what steps are you willing to take to change it?”.

There are many options out there to help you get started and revamp your life. Lets break it down into two categories ~ Interior and Exterior ~


Developing your skills doesn’t always mean getting a higher education, it’s certainly an option but it can also mean taking relevant certifications that can lead to higher pay in your field. Finding extra classes or online workshops that are free or inexpensive can be a great tool to help advance yourself in your professional arena. Participating in webinars can help expand your knowledge  and there is so much information on nearly every subject imaginable.

Tapping into your creative side, doing something new, is not only fun but can open new doors, help you meet new people and create opportunities you never knew existed. You can create something, write a book, take cooking classes, explore the outdoors or maybe learn a new language. Choose something you have never done before and expand your mind, for these simple things can help us stay young and keep us current.

Caring for your body. Try thinking of your body as a very expensive car, and try to maintain it the same way. What you put in it, is what you get out of it. Eating healthy and keeping fit will surely keep your energy up, keep you looking great and help you feel more confident. Make healthy food choices as often as possible, limit your sugar intake, cut down on junk food and get to the gym as much as possible. Take a new exercise class, try yoga which is great for the mind and body, a bike ride with your family, a fun outdoor activity ,but be sure to get the proper amount of rest and sleep because we all know what sleep deprivation can do to the mind and body.

All of the above can also help in the dating field. Trying something new opens you up to a new circle of friends, new opportunities and helps build a bigger self-concept, one that is more diverse, with more abilities, perspectives, skills and hobbies. You are now becoming a more interesting prospect for potential life partners. Building your confidence is key to landing the perfect mate and helps you understand what is right for you and to not just “settle” on someone who isn’t going to bring out the best in you.



When I say exterior I’m not talking about botox or plastic surgery. When it comes to improving your exterior there are simple things you can do that will help boost your self esteem, update your look, make you look younger all without going under the knife or doing anything drastic. One of my specialties is changing someones wardrobe completely (both men and woman) and showing them the best colors and styles for their body type. Often times people are afraid to try something new or don’t know how to put the look together so they stay stuck wearing the same colors/styles that they have worn forever and most of the times they are the wrong fit for their body type or the colors do nothing for their skin tone. Investing in a wardrobe stylist is a great investment and sometimes one consultation is all you need to learn about what looks good, what doesn’t and what needs to be purged or better yet donated.

If it’s time for a change in your life, then why not change your hair style. If you haven’t had a change for over 20 years then  it’s probably a good time to start brain storming a new look, new color or searching for some new hair inspirations. If you’ve always had long straight hair then how about adding some layers? Or if you don’t want to cut your hair then you can spend an hour with a hair stylist and discover new ways to wear your hair, style it, experiment with a new technique or fun color transformation. There are many amazing, fun ways to change up your hairstyle without resorting to scissors.


I hope you believe in yourself, trust yourself, love yourself and invest in yourself.

Doing something today that your future self-will thank you for is simply your best investment.


Your body, your mind and your soul will be around a lot longer than an expensive handbag or pair of shoes, so invest wisely!








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