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New York Fashion Week!

August 10, 2017

It’s almost that time again and I’m super excited to attend this upcoming Spring 2018 shows. I’m excited to see what top designers have in store and what we’ll be wearing come Spring of 2018.

According to WWD, the official NYFW calendar is being shorted by a day, now eliminating the second Thursday from the schedule. To accommodate the new changes, some designers will be moving their standard time-slots in the lineup.

The Spring 2018 shows will be held from Thursday, September 7 to Wednesday, September 13. Still serving as the closing act of NYFW, Marc Jacobs will now show on Wednesday night at 6:00 PM instead of his regular time-slot on the second Thursday. For Spring 2018, new opening acts include Calvin Klein and Tom Ford, who will kick off day one of NYFW with 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM shows, respectively.

“For the past two seasons, Marc [Jacobs] has been on the last day pretty much alone, which obviously wasn’t as advantageous to him either… It’s important to have strong opening and closing shows, but it’s just as important to have strong designers showing everyday,” Mark Beckham, the CFDA’s business director of fashion week, told WWD.

Last season, the New York Fashion Week calendar had several shakeups from a mass of New York designers opting to show in Los Angeles or Paris, to confusion surrounding see-now, buy-now schedules, to some designers leaving the schedule all together. With a strategically condensed calendar, will the CFDA’s change be enough to bring back the mass exodus of designers moving away from NYFW?

I will be attending many shows and actually watching them. I am often struck by how frantically people are tweeting comments, uploading images or videotaping a show without actually watching the show. At best, they’re viewing it all through the lens of a camera or phone and it is a whole different experience from just sitting back and absorbing it. People are now turning real experiences into virtual ones and I find that quite sad. Speaking with people after a show and saying how great it was, they havent a clue about what just went down the runway.


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