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In The Media: New Year’s resolutions worth keeping

January 10, 2017

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New Year’s resolutions worth keeping

, @lizdennerlein 10:35 a.m. ET Jan. 9, 2017

We all know the New Year is the chance for a fresh start.

We fill our heads with ideas of a better, healthier, fitter, more fashionable, you.

But it’s not always easy staying true to your resolutions.

Here are local spots that can help you keep your New Year resolutions whether you’re looking to go all out or just opt for small changes.

Stay Gold Smoothie and colourful plants

Stay Gold Cafe in Belmar serves juices, smoothies and healthy menu options. (Photo: COURTESY OF STAY GOLD CAFE)“We train them so that they know how to talk to customers looking to make a (healthier) move in their life,” Stephanie said. “Even if someone comes in and says they feel like they might be getting the flu, (our staff) knows exactly what to make them.”

When it comes to juices, the Green Gypsy is their most popular — their bright green juice filled with spinach, cucumber, kale, parsley, lime, green apple, and cilantro, $6.99 for a 16 ounce and $7.99 for a 20 ounce. She said the color intimates customers at first, but once they take a sip, it tastes different than they imagined.

Their acai bowls are another healthy option that can come in vegan and vegetarian options. Stephanie said the bowls are blended with blueberries and strawberries, while being low in calories and fat, yet filling.

A healthy food option from Stay Gold Cafe

Enjoy healthy food options at Stay Gold Cafe in Belmar. (Photo: COURTESY OF STAY GOLD CAFE)

If you happen to slip up when it comes to your health, Stay Gold’s Hangover Hookup smoothie features blueberries, unsweetened acai, bee pollen and coconut water designed to nourish the body, replenish and hydrate your system and ease a stomachache. The Hangover Hookup is $6.49 for a 16-ounce smoothie and $7.49 for a 20-ounce.

For more information, visit staygoldcafe.com or call 732-894-9270. Stay Gold is at 800 Main St., Belmar.

Get fit

We all know how it is when it comes to working out in the New Year.

We hit the gym three times a week for the first month, and then slowly but surely we stop going.

Avoid neglecting the gym at Kur Wellness in Asbury Park, where you can get one-on-one attention.

Rich Killian, a personal trainer and massage therapist at Kur, said it’s harder to give up on your resolutions when a trainer’s holding you accountable.

“I have a lot of customers who say, ‘Not only do I want this session for myself, but I don’t want to let you down,” Killian said. “It helps them stick with it.”

Yoga instructors demonstrating a yoga wall

Instructors Sal Macaro (front), Anya Castellano (middle) and Steven Russell (back) demonstrate the different ways the yoga wall at Kur Wellness in Asbury Park can be utilized. (Photo: COURTESY OF KUR WELLNESS STUDIOS)

Killian recommends for newcomers looking to get back in shape, free weights offer many benefits, including strengthening the bones, decreasing the risk of injury and toning the body.

He said Kur offers more than 430 pounds of free weights. “Our sessions are completely private so you won’t get distracted by other people,” Killian said, “and you don’t have to wait to use the weights.”

The gym boasts everyone from serious athletes to workout novices.

Cat Fields is a personal trainer who offers the Kur AM Club, which takes place from 6 to 7 a.m. Mondays and Fridays for $149 for two days a week, or $25 for drop-ins. She said the class is a boot camp that offers interval training with agility drills, ladder drills, strength training, box jumping.

“It caters to everyone,” Fields said. “It’s not just for the working class, but also the early-birds or the stay-at-home parents. It’s the best way to get the endorphins going and feel more confident throughout the day knowing you got your workout done.”

Kur Wellness Owner Troy Teeboom recommends taking advantage of the spa side of Kur by adding on a massage once a month at the end of your workout.

“It can be the desert,” Teeboom said. “Reward yourself with an affordable one-time massage after a difficult regimen. It rewards you for hard work and relieves your body at the same time.”

For more information, visit kurstudios.com or call 732-361-8956. Kur is at 412 Bond St., Asbury Park.

New look

Since the New Year, Jersey-based stylist Christie Maruka has been flooded with phone calls and emails.

“I have clients telling me, ‘I need a resolution for my closet.’ ”

When it comes to the New Year, a fresh haircut, new makeup and closet update can leave you feeling brand new. When it comes to a style makeover, Maruka offers her clients some tips:

“If you haven’t worn an outfit in six months, chances are you’re never going to wear it,” Maruka said. “Don’t waste closet space by holding onto clothes you’re not going to wear.”

Toss, swap or donate old clothes and leave room for new staples.

Maruka also warns clients to stay away from unnecessary buys. After the holidays, she sees clients purchasing anything on sale.

Christie Maruka organising a closet

Christie Maruka is the founder of Fashion Fix, where she offers personal styling tips. (Photo: COURTESY OF ALVIN CABAN AND TERE)

“Even if doesn’t fit, they end up buying it,” Maruka said. “If it doesn’t fit, don’t make impulse purchases just because it’s cheap.”

Before impulse buying, Maruka suggests clients imagine how many ways they might wear the item in their hand. If they can’t see themselves wearing it more than once or twice, it’s time to put it back on the rack.

She also recommends taking an inventory of your current wardrobe — remove anything with tears, stains or outdated styles.

“If an item is five years or older, it may not be age appropriate if it is super trendy,” Maruka said. “Chances are you’re not going to wear it. It’s time to toss it.”

When it comes to 2017, a few trends stand out to her, including denim, embellishments and anything rose pink — “A rose hue shade has an ‘it status’ in the fashion world.”

She also said mixing activewear, like a fitted logo T-shirt with a skirt is a trend to come.

Maruka offers services, including personal styling, personal shopping, and closet consultation.

For more information, visit fashionfixnj.com or contact Maruka at fashionfix1@aol.com

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