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January 8, 2017


Happy New Year!

It’s a fantastic time to freshen up your look, and say “out with the old, and in with the new”…… You!

New year, new beginnings, new look. It’s makeover time!

Let’s start with your hair.

Does your style take way too long in the morning, and you find yourself fussing over every last strand? Or perhaps you’ve had the same style and color for 10 or more years, and you really want to change it, but don’t know where to begin? Do you wear your hair in a ponytail every day, out of convenience? Well, if you have answered “yes” to any of these, then it’s time for a change. Here are a few tips to get you on the right path.

  • Finding a stylist can be difficult, but there is one out there that’s perfect for you. First, research the salons in your area, ask friends and colleagues who’s hair style you are always admiring where they go. Many stylists are closely equal in skill, but they all have their own unique passions and strengths. The stylist should give you a feeling of confidence in their skills and treat you with respect and dignity at all times.
  • Hair salons can cost from $10- $200 so if a budget haircut fits your needs, be prepared if you don’t get exactly what you want. I suggest a consultation first which are often free and make sure to discuss every detail of exactly what you’re looking for and hoping to look like. Bring pictures with you, read reviews about the salon, find them on social media and see what clients have posted about them, and read all the comments. Ask questions and be sure the stylist is comfortable working with your hair type, that’s why I always suggest a consultation first.
  • Be open to having the stylist make suggestions, they are the experts, and even if your dead set on keeping the style you’ve had, I would suggest just listening because it may be something you’ll learn about what looks best for your age, type and texture of hair, skin coloring, etc. If you and the stylist are excited about the same things, it’s usually a great match. If you’re ever unsure, don’t be afraid to speak up or schedule another consultation with a different stylist.


Your Make-up ~ I call it Counter Intelligence!

I have to admit that makeup has never been my specialty, but I often stop at the makeup counters in department stores for, or with, my clients and I have learned a few tricks of the trade. It can be overwhelming seeing all the products on the market today that the beauty insiders swear we need, but I’m open to learning new techniques and what the hottest trends are in makeup. Many of the makeup artists are highly trained & skilled and can help you try on a new look without costing you a lot of money.

  • Plan ahead. Don’t wait ’til the day of your special event to hit the counters. Many times there is an hour wait during busy times of the year. You may also want to show your family and friends your new look and get their opinion before keeping the look. It’s also a good idea to exfoliate the night before and come in with a clean face.
  • Check everyone out and look around. When choosing a counter and an artist, seek out one who’s makeup you admire and looks well applied. Even if it’s not your style or what you’d choose for yourself, it’s important to see their skill since that’s what really matters.
  • Speak up before you pay up. Make sure you communicate with the expert exactly what you like or don’t like. Discuss your occupation and whether the makeup is for everyday, or going out at night/weekend. Don’t be afraid to ask a ton of questions, pay attention and watch the application process from start to finish, and if it’s too much makeup be sure to let them know you’re not comfortable. Ask for a cheat sheet to take home for the finished look. Unless a makeup artist tells you ahead that there is a minimum purchase required, then you are under no obligation to buy – but it is customary to at least purchase what you would use for touch-ups. (lipstick, gloss & pressed powder)

Lastly, if you absolutely hate the end result don’t feel pressured to purchase these products, be honest with the artist and say the words almost every artist has heard “let me walk around a few minutes and look at myself” then sprint to the nearest bathroom sink!

Tell us if you have a style goal for the new year.   We’d love to read your comments.


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