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Kelly Ripa in the News!

April 26, 2016

Kelly Ripa has been a hot topic in the media for the last few days, and deservingly so.
She just received a public apology from the ABC execs who “expressed regret for the way Kelly was told the news”. That news being, the news of Michael Strahan leaving the show to host GMA full time. Today, Kelly has returned to Live. Yeah!
After reading all the latest comments on numerous websites and media sources, some of those comments were very supportive of her and some of them telling Kelly “to get over it”.
It’s easy for some people to say get over it, but you have to imagine that after working for a network for 30 years and dedicating most of her life to her career and profession, raising her three kids while juggling live TV is not exactly easy or just any job. She obviously loves everyone there, thinks of the staff like family, so you can imagine the hurt and betrayal she felt, and rightfully so.
I admire Kelly for demanding respect, she has taught everyone a lesson that communication, honesty, respect and commitment is what it takes to keep such a successful show going. Kelly is a passionate , successful woman that so many of us look up to. She is the closest thing to a real life wonder woman!
We’re Glad your back Kelly!

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