What To Wear On A First Date?

April 10, 2016

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Deciding what to wear on a first date can be as exciting – or nerve racking as the date itself.  No need to worry, I’ve got you covered (in the right clothes).

I am often called by clients to come over and pick out the outfit that they should wear.  I always ask my clients to show me what they were thinking of wearing first, before I showed up. Many times they show me something  that is way too provocative for a first date.  A woman who wears something that she is comfortable in, exudes confidence and doesn’t seem too high maintenance equals one thing: A girlfriend !

It’s always important to find out what you’ll be doing on the first date so you will be dressed accordingly. If you’re doing something active like going bike riding , you’ll want to be in something that you can  move in and be comfortable, so obviously a dress won’t work. Sporting a great pair of leggings, a tunic , light weight cardigan sweater & sneakers will work perfectly and also for lunch afterwards. You’ll look relaxed and put-together at the same time.

*When I asked 5 men (ages 21-60) their opinion as to what woman should wear on a first date, the responses varied but almost all of them said they like a woman that keeps it simple and natural, but if she has a great body then she should show it off.

I agree with showing it off, but there are classy ways to do this and trashy ways. Showing it off can be wearing an off the shoulder sweater with leather pants and heels, instead of  a very low-cut top, and extremely high hem line. Show off one of your assets and not ALL of your assets. No need to wear your tightest, sexiest outfit on the first date. If you have great arms then show them off, if you have great legs then wearing a dress that showcases them is fine, just not everything at once.

Wearing jeans is perfectly acceptable for a first casual date. Just be sure to wear ones that are not faded, distressed with holes or your knees showing in case you wind up in a nice restaurant . Pairing jeans with a beautiful blouse, off the shoulder sweater  or a fancy lace top will be romantic without being too formal.  Add accessories and pointed heels with a pop of color and you can’t go wrong.

The LBD is always your back up and a no brainer. Adding great accessories with fabulous shoes and coordinating bag will show off your unique style while still keeping it simple and sophisticated. One question I get asked ALL the time is: Do I need to wear stockings or tights if I’m not tan and it’s still cold out?  My answer is : If your teeth are chattering and your shivering at the dinner table with bare legs, (which is not sexy or attractive) ..then Yes you need tights!  If you’re not tan and still want to wear bare legs then try a great self tanning lotion, ( I love Jergens Natural glow) and that should do the trick.

Most relationships are built on a series of great first impressions. A first date is your opportunity  to show off  YOU and who YOU are as a person. The clothes shouldn’t take center stage. Your personality, your heart and soul is most important and should be what your date finds attractive. It’s important to be yourself right off the bat, there is no need to run out and spend a fortune on designer clothes, shoes etc that you wouldn’t normally wear. Wear what is typical of you.  Don’t try out new trends, stick to what you love and what your comfortable in, (unless your outdated-CALL ME!)  so your date isn’t going to start expecting you to be dressed a certain way that really doesn’t work for you (not to mention drain your bank account).

Finally… Be Yourself!  Play up your unique style, & stay true to who YOU are, and remember a smile is your best accessory! 




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