Six Rules for Flattery.

April 9, 2016


These six rules that I live by will subtract 10 pounds from everybody .

First, let’s get one thing straight: There’s no such thing as a bad body. There are only bad clothes, or at least poorly fitting ones. I always explain to my clients they need to kiss the bad ones goodbye, once and for all and find the styles that fit and flatter for their body type.

If your goal is to look 10 pounds thinner or maybe taller, create a curvier body or just accentuate all your best features then you’ll want to read my six rules for flattery.

1) Wear a V-neck. It lengthens your neck and shows off your collarbone.

2) Go monochrome. Dressing in one color head to toe is the easiest slimming trick and also helps to lengthen the legs.

3) Show off your curves. Don’t try to hide them under big, bulky, shapeless layers that will only add pounds. Wear something that is fitted but not skin tight.

4) Get a good bra and undergarments. Everything you wear underneath is vital to how good your clothes will look on. This is where flattery starts!

5) Belt it. Emphasize the slimmest part of your figure and Voila! Wearing a belt can help create curves if you don’t have them.

6) It must be comfortable. If you can’t move it -in the fitting room then buh-bye. You don’t have to be able to practice yoga in it, but you must be able to move around comfortably or you will never wear it.

Just remember: Flattery has nothing to do with size. Whether you’re a curvy plus shape  or a petite skinny minnie, you don’t have to have a “perfect” figure to look perfectly chic. All you have to know is what works for your shape & body type , and anyone can do that.

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