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Obsessed? I call it Dedication

February 29, 2016


When some of us go to the gym everyday we are called obsessed, and it’s usually by people that have never worked out, or very seldom do. I was recently interviewed about when I was pregnant (which was in 2003) and asked if I cut or tracked calories during my pregnancy? My answer was no. I never tracked calories, but I did track fat grams which is something I have always done. I received so many phone calls, text messages and emails over this story, some very nice & supportive and some calling me selfish, obsessed with working out etc.

I am going to clear up a few things the story did not include, and answer some of your questions.

  1. I was 34 years old, weighing 116 lbs. I’m 5’3″. I have always been a very active, fit person for years BEFORE my pregnancy. I didn’t run out and join a gym the moment I found out I was pregnant. I worked out 6 days a week, and my diet was of a high-protein, low carb combination. I was never a big junk food person.
  2. I didn’t change my workout during my pregnancy, except for eliminating ab crunches. I added a night time walk after dinner.
  3. I ate every three hours during my pregnancy which helped me so much to combat nausea & fatigue. I didn’t starve myself or deprive myself of anything that I normally ate except (raw) sushi. I never cut calories or tracked them, and I couldn’t possibly track all the calories since I was eating every three hours up until the time I went to bed.
  4. I wasn’t anxious about being pregnant or worried at any time for the health of my baby because of my eating habits or working out nor was my doctor concerned.
  5. I had a perfect pregnancy! I felt so fantastic, never complained once to my doctor for any reason. Labor for me was no worse than a tough workout in the gym, in fact as soon as it was over I didn’t feel or look like I just had a baby. I gained a total of 20 lbs during the pregnancy.
  6. I felt great! I went back to work at my store a week later, I returned to the gym two weeks later with a low impact, (arms only) workout.

My beautiful baby was born a healthy 5 lbs, 7 oz.

Pregnancy for me was one of then best times in my life, as a matter of fact I never felt better. I am a huge advocate for eating healthy and exercising throughout pregnancy. Working out has always been a priority to me, it’s way of life and it’s a big part of mine. Feeling good mentally and physically while your pregnant is a wonderful thing and makes the whole experience so much better. Some may call that obsessed?  I call it dedication.

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  • Christie Maruka March 6, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    Hi Pearl,
    My entire pregnancy was an amazing & a very positive, wonderful experience for me. It’s a bit frustrating when a news source writes something out of context to sensationalize their story at my expense. However I am glad my story touched you in a positive way, and I wish you continued success in your pregnancy. Keep up the good work, your doing fantastic, you look beautiful and your an inspiration to many. Great website!

    Thank you for your comment & kind words .

  • Pearl Maalouf March 5, 2016 at 8:35 am

    Bravo! I read the article and though it had a negative (and a bit condescending) undertone and I had a feeling that there was a back story that the article failed to mention. Like the key fact that you had been working out and eating well before you were pregnant! 😉
    I’m in my 5th month now and it’s stories like this that motivate me when I’m having a lazy day to get up and be active!


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