Keeping Your Bag Fresh and Ready to Use

February 21, 2016


It’s well worth it to buy a really beautiful bag, but taking care of it is most important. If your not going to be using a bag for a while or maybe its not in season anymore, vacuum out the inside to get rid of dust, hair, your kid’s leftover sandwich, movie stubs, etc. If the bag is especially expensive and you want to keep it in good condition, fill it with tissue paper so it won’t lose its shape. If you’re traveling and keeping it in your suitcase, then be sure to fill it with socks, a sweatshirt or even newspaper will do. When keeping it in your closet, use the bag it came with, just don’t put it in a plastic bag which will suffocate the leather and cause it to crack. I like to use mink oil to condition or restore the leather on my bags. There are many different leather moisturizing creams on the  market.

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