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Wearing Leggings As Pants. Is it Ok?

January 20, 2016

We all love leggings. They are comfortable, slimming and can make a lazy outfit look chic and stylish. On top of that they are very inexpensive. I am a huge fan, but, at 46 years old, I know there is a certain (appropriate) way to wear them. One of the most asked questions I get is “Am I too old for leggings?” It seems like everyone has a different opinion regarding this topic. Your never too old for leggings (maybe white ones) but there is absolutely a right way and a wrong way of wearing them, no matter what age you are.

Leggings have caused a lot of controversy in the last few years, with schools placing a ban on them because they are too distracting to the boys. If thats the case, then food stores should do the same because I have witnessed Men crashing their shopping carts from turning their heads, staring at women with see-thru leggings on. UUGH!! I did an interview the other day and I was asked my opinion on this topic. I was happy to share on this subject because it has become a major pet peeve of mine and I see this fashion faux pas everyday, everywhere and committed by woman of all ages, including teen girls. No one should be wearing see-through pants to school, and I can see why school’s would feel this way. Should they be banned? No, it’s not that serious of a crime, its a matter of~ if your pants are see-through and your anatomy is on full display, you should be sent home or have a parent bring in a appropriate pair of pants. It takes seconds to check your child before they leave for school, to make sure they are wearing the right attire. Its a matter of respect not only for your school & your peers, but most importantly yourself.

There are a few guidelines I personally follow when buying a pair of leggings that I will share with you, and will hopefully come in handy. Besides athletic wear, I don’t wear leggings unless I am wearing a tunic top, jacket or sweater that hits the top of my thigh. However, I do wear leggings that are more structured with a zipper and have pockets. A quality pair can be very slimming, offering a lift and tuck effect, usually with a heavier knit ponte fabric. (its a combination of Rayon,Polyester & spandex). These are the ones that can be worn alone and without covering them. The leggings you find hanging in the hosiery department in a package (even though some are marked “leggings”) are NOT the ones you want to wear out without a longer top. Just because they say “leggings ” and offer a $9.99 price, doesn’t mean you should buy them and were them as pants. Not matter what your age! Before buying the leggings, take them to a area in the store and hold them up to the light. Stretch them with your hands and see if you can see through them..If so, then they won’t be thick enough to wear as pants. Ask a friend, spouse or parent if they are see-through before leaving the house. A few great leggings I have bought recently for myself and clients were by BCBG ($128),Vince Comuto ($50) and Zella ($52) at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Saks. Even work out and Yoga pants can sometimes not be thick enough. My favorite tried-and-true athletic apparel is Nike, which offer the dry-fit products, that are both durable & comfortable with a four-way stretch fabric.

I thank you for taking the time and reading this, and I would love to hear your comments. I hope It helps when buying leggings and remember, if you can see-through your pants, you’re not wearing leggings, you’re wearing tights!

Christie Maruka

The Right Way!

The Right Way!

The Wrong way!

The Wrong way!

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