Closet Clutter!

January 19, 2016


We all have it to some degree. Some worse than others. As I work with my clients many of them just don’t know what should stay and what should go. This is a common problem for many, but once solved, it becomes a fabulous new start for the New Year.
Here’s the thing I feel happens when you declutter your closet: Yes,it’s a few minutes of pain, and possibly an inner struggle (“I love this dress!” My late Aunt bought this for me” “But it hasn’t fit in years!”), but you will instantly feel a weight lifted off your shoulders once you make the decision to donate, consign, or even just trash a piece of clothing. The benefits of a smaller, more functioning wardrobe are immense — you are not wasting valuable storage space on clothing you don’t wear, it’s less clothing to launder and sort through on a regular or seasonal basis, and having less clothing in your closet makes the clothes you actually love and wear easier to find.

When I meet with my clients, many of them are unaware of the condition of some of their clothes. When a sweater is out of shape , pilled with holes in it, it’s time to trash it. white clothing that is stained or has a yellow tint to it is not attractive on anyone. Just going through your wardrobe and removing the damaged items is a great start.

I also find that many people over-buy items because of such tremendous clutter, they can’t find the item so they just keep buying more. I recently worked with a client on a week long project with her closet which was enormous! Not to mention so was the clutter..As I sorted through her clothes, I found myself folding 45 of the same tank top, Yes 45! She kept buying them because every time she needed one she couldn’t find them when she was rushing to get dressed.

You can simplify getting dressed with just these few tips.

1) Sort – Go through and sort by style..Tanks, Tees, Camis. Place these items in drawers, to save hanging space in your closet.

2) Colorize – Hang your same style tops and bottoms by color.. Start with light to dark items. When your in the mood for a certain color you will have all your go-to pieces in order and easy to locate.

3) Denim – Fold or hang your denim according to style ..Skinny’s, straight leg or flares. Keep all styles together and put in light to dark order. Being able to grab the exact style your looking for instead of unfolding each pair of jeans.

4) Alterations – Go through your items and take out the pieces that you find your self saying “oh I just need to hem those” and DO IT! Keeping the items in your closet that still haven’t been altered is a waste of money and space. If your not going to alternate right away, don’t buy them. If something is too big get it fixed, if its torn have it sewn, and start wearing those pieces. It’s easy to change buttons or change a collar on an item your not wearing and bring it up to date with a few minor and inexpensive alterations .

5) Shoes – Dust off and clean your shoes either taking them to a cobbler or by doing it yourself. Shoes that are scuffed and heels that are damaged are not attractive and can kill your look. Mink oil is one of my all-time favorites for polishing and restoring leather shoes.

Keep in mind when you are done decluttering your closet its a wonderful feeling and so is donating your items to those who can really use them. I have found and used these great charitable organizations that really do a great job distributing the clothing: American Red Cross, Dress for Success, United Way, Goodwill, Salvation Army , as well as local homeless shelters.

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