Giving the best customer service

August 24, 2015


Part of my job is shopping for clients and I spend a lot of time in stores of all kinds. I have always believed that having exceptional customer service is the most important aspect of a business and can bring much success if it is consistent and genuine. Genuine meaning that the people you have working for you love their job and what they are doing. They must enjoy working with the public and have exceptional people skills. If not they don’t belong on the sales floor.

Every customer deserves to be greeted, a simple hello can go a long way. I was always trained and have trained my employees to stop & drop everything and tend to the customer, giving them 100% of your undivided attention, strike up a pleasant conversation, all which will make them want to return to your establishment. Countless times I have been in dept stores and I cannot find anyone to help me or even to ask a question. Stores are many times under-staffed, dressing rooms are a disaster and haven’t been cleaned out in days.. and when I do find a sales associate they are busy scrolling on their smartphone, updating their social media status.. and give you a dirty look for interrupting them.

I do hold accountable the management in these establishments. Managers I feel need to spend more time on their sales floor observing their employees and get some insight as to what is going on in their store.

People spend their hard earned money in a struggling economy and deserve kind, helpful, friendly customer service.

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