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Five tips for keeping your favorite denim jeans looking like new

February 22, 2015

Photo of dark denim jeans

  1. Wash them inside out. This will help minimize color loss due to all the turning and tumbling inside the machine and rubbing against other items. Button all buttons and zipper them to keep their shape while washing and drying.
  2. Wash them in cold water, its less abrasive then warm water, and the newer you want them to look, the gentler you’ll have to wash them. Use a color-preserving detergent like Woolite dark, they have a special ingredient to help fabrics hold onto dyes and deactivate the chlorine in the water. Another way to preserve is to add one cup of white vinegar and a few tablespoons of salt and let them soak for 30 minutes in the machine and then rinse them.
  3. Dry them outside, if time permits the best thing to do for your jeans is to let them air dry outside, and avoid the dryer. Excessive heat and tumbling wear and break down the fibers in the denim and cause them to fade and weaken.
  4. Dry cleaning is simply the best solution to prevent wear and tear on jeans, but also the most expensive. This process removes dirt, stains and oils, but does not cause any of the stress or harsh effects that washing does. Keep in mind that denim can be worn several times before cleaning and is better not washed, especially with dark, raw denim that requires time for the dye to set.
  5. Check the tag. If you must wash your jeans, be sure to check the tag to determine the type of denim and the washing requirements. Different denim fabrics and washes may require a different process. This will help eliminate washing disasters of having the dark dye run off onto other items in the washer.

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