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Wearing White After Labor Day

August 30, 2014

Is it ok to wear white after labor day and where did this rule originate from?

Tradition says that wearing white after labor day becomes a fashion faux pas. Historians believe back in the early 1900’s before you could just turn on the AC, wearing white was a method to keeping cool. In that era wardrobes were not as casual as they are today. People donned styles of clothing that we would now consider formal, unlike now, throwing on tanks, shorts and flip flops. After Labor Day, when summer gave way to fall, wearing light fabrics would leave people too chilly in the fall rainy seasons and wearing white became impractical and ill-suited, so people cast aside white for darker, heavier fabrics.

Etiquette experts and fashion magazines have continuously throughout the years shown us that fashion rules are made to be broken, and trend setters don’t follow rules… so that “no white after labor day” is lets just say… History!

I don’t follow rules of fashion, and I do know a few great ways to wear white in the fall. I am not a fan of white accessories or shoes in the winter, but I will continue to wear some of my favorite white pieces well in the cooler months.

White Jeans. One of my favorite looks going into fall is pairing my black leather jacket and suede booties with my white jeans. Black and white is always an easy, simple but stylish look to pull off and jeans are typically a heavier weight fabric so I’m not cold.

Winter white skirts and dresses. I have a great white pencil skirt in wool that is perfect with a cashmere sweater. Creams and off whites are a good choice for fall and many designers have incorporated these hues into their winter collections. Your not going to wear a white lightweight, see through summer dress in the winter but a wool or heavy cotton dress in white is a perfect option paired with fall accessories and a blazer.

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