Self-esteem and fashion

May 9, 2014

In my 25 years of being in the fashion industry, the most rewarding, fulfilling and best thing I can do for someone is to help improve their self-esteem and confidence through fashion and simply the changing of their clothes. I have spoken to women and men of all ages, including teen girls, which is a passion of mine and I try to relay this message.

Whatever your age, do exactly as you wish provided the result is never a disguise, but is simply you.

Never try to copy a model in a magazine, because what you see is not exactly a perfect face and body. Quite the opposite, models have insecurities too and in my career I have sat with quite a few and they pick apart their bodies and find faults also. Lots of make-up and photography techniques are applied to look that good. If any of us got the same treatment as they did we would look amazing as well! The aim of the game is to show originality, be yourself and be proud of who you are. Celebrate your curves, your imperfections and know that you are not alone, all men and women feel insecure to some extent. There is always going to be something we wish we could change about ourselves and that’s ok. Your imperfections make you special and one of a kind. Remember the people around you love you just the way you are, and the ones that don’t are not really friends in the first place.

For older women, you may realize you’re getting older in your body, but in your head you’re the same as ever. Take the greatest care of your body through exercise and diet and be the best version of YOU!   Laugh, and laugh as much as you can, because I do! A smile is the most effective and beautiful makeup for the human face ever invented. There is nothing stopping you from having fun with fashion.

Be the best version of you!

Go for it!

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