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It’s Shorts Season! (Yes, even at the office)

May 2, 2014

shorts-suitI was recently consulting at a Fortune 500 company on wardrobe choices in the workplace and one of the questions was “Is it appropriate to wear shorts to work in the summer on dress down days or casual Fridays”? The answer is Yes! This season the magazines are filled with images of short suits and short outfits for both woman and men. It’s a perfect option for the warmer months ahead as long as your careful not to make poor choices when selecting your shorts (remember to add length to your shorts so you don’t shorten your career).

A few Do’s a Don’t’s when shopping for “work” shorts.
*Its never acceptable to wear short shorts to work or anything too revealing for that matter. (unless you work at Hooters)

*No denim shorts with holes, fraying or distressing of any kind.

*Bermuda shorts have neatly nestled their way into the workplace and are the Best option. Shorts should be knee length or no less than two inches above the knee.

*Pick solid colored shorts for work, navy, white, khaki or black work best in the office, save the busy, loud prints for the weekends.

*Pair a crisp cotton button down shirt and a chic cropped blazer or jacket in a classic color such as navy or white, it’s stylish and classic.

*Add a skinny belt to finish your look in a bright color and you’ll be feminine, polished and professional.

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